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Hey there, I'm Liz Scarlett, and I'm a metal/rock journalist and creative living in London. I spend my day to day working at Louder, home of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog Magazine, writing news stories, features and conducting interviews.

As a creative, I'm a self taught designer/art director inspired by music, magick, horror and the natural world. 

In my spare time, you'll find me exploring nature, snapping shots on my camera, playing the bass and sifting through second hand book/clothing stores.

As for my taste in music, I like anything with a good riff, and lean mostly towards 70s rock, doom/stoner metal, hardcore and neo-psychedelia. Basically, anything that sounds like a Black Sabbath B-side and I'll be all over it.

At university, I studied Popular Music Journalism and received a First Class Honours Degree. I then went on to study with the National Council of Journalists, where I received a Gold Standard Diploma. Currently, I am working on becoming fully fluent in the Adobe Creative Suite.