The Love Witch

The Love Witch is an enchanting and highly aesthetic comedic horror film by Anna Biller. This was a self-initiated design project using a still from the movie, inspired by rock and roll design company Branca Studio. 

David Bowie Glamour Issue Seven

This was my last issue working with the David Bowie Glamour team, and arguably is one of my favourites. Using bold colours and dynamic layouts, I tried to channel the eccentric, larger-than-life energy that the late musician embodied throughout his life.

Into The Void

Into The Void is a self-initiated project inspired by occult/witchcraft publication Sabat Magazine. My fantasy publication was put together to try something new, explore my interests of magick and the natural world, and practice my layout and branding skills. The title is taken from the 1971 Black Sabbath song Into The Void.


Magic In The Mundane

When thinking of one of my favourite philosophies and quotes "there is magic in the mundane", I wanted to design a piece of artwork that would capture this mindset. These prints were created by scanning flowers and crystals from my garden.


Sometimes at my employment at Louder, I am requested to design artwork for feature articles. Here are a few examples of some I have created.

David Bowie Glamour Issue Six

Metropolis Studios: Welcome Pack

Using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign, I put together this booklet for Metropolis Studios. Inside contains important information about the studio, which artists and guests of the facility will find useful. I was commissioned to design this based upon a hotel pamphlet that the CEO admired.

Lead Magazine

Lead Magazine is a self-founded publication which I put together with a colleague during my time working at The Academy of Contemporary Music. The magazine celebrates the academy's talented alumni, and was launched at Metropolis Studios.

David Bowie Glamour Issue Four

David Bowie Glamour Issue Five