Life after lockdown at The Boileroom

It’s been over three months since the UK’s Freedom Day on July 19, where music venues across the country finally got to open their doors to the public, and bring live music back to those who have truly missed it.


Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic struck the music industry hard, with over 500 venues facing permanent closure. With the help of public support and donations to the Music Venue Trust’s #SaveOurVenues campaign and crowdfunders, along with pressure being put on the government and the work of the Cultural Recovery Fund, many establishments – including The Boileroom – have been saved.

However, the grassroots sector is reportedly still facing severe financial stress, and is in over £90million of debt due to the costs that piled up from being shut during lockdown. I spoke to venue staff and musicians at The Boileroom, a well-celebrated, award-winning venue in Guildford, to find out how the past few months have been, how important these establishments are to the local community, and what more there is to be done to make sure important venues such as this continue to stay afloat.