Ty Segall leaves yet another well-established footprint into his weird yet wondrous world of psychedelia with his latest album release Emotional Mugger. Initially, you’ll be left both blown away and somewhat confused, as this album is – and to put it lightly – down right weird. It sounds like something you’d find Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt dancing to on the set of The Mighty Boosh wearing nothing but sparkly space-man costumes on a planet made of mash potato (or just a really, really bad trip) .


But it’s not all just undirected and abstract; Emotional Mugger has been meticulously crafted, enriched with tight and largely distorted riffs, blanketed by thick walls of fuzz, completely surrounding you in warm and rich vibrations. ‘Squealer’ sets the album off with a spooky, strange buzzing riff, paired with Segall’s switching vocal style – from airy and clean to timid nightmare-ish croaks.


From the first few seconds of ‘Baby Big Man (I Want a Mommy)’, you’ll realise the brilliance of this album, alongside Segall’s pure passion for creating songs of an entirely experimental nature – you definitely will not have heard something like this before. The bombastic, trumpeting central riff of this track is quite frankly bizarre, but by now, you’ll have gathered that Segall isn’t afraid of producing music that sounds remarkably alien to the common human ear.

On this record, you’ll be faced with what sounds like vintage phone dials, screeching, zapping, squawking guitars and even baby noises.  Although, despite its obvious absurdity, it’s ultimately sleazy, grungy riffs and brain-bashing rhythms shines above all else, making each weird and perhaps usually unfitting element join together as one unique force, creating a masterpiece which is out of this world – and maybe not even entirely human.